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Scale Calibration in Modesto, California

Exceed Your Industry’s Expectations

We know that you don’t want to meet industry standards. You want to exceed them. With our services here at Carlson Scale Inc., you’ll have all of the help you’ll need to ensure that your scales are not only operational, but fine-tuned and ready to weigh with NIST-traceable levels of accuracy.
Our calibration checks and services are offered on several different plans: monthly, quarterly and semi-annually. Sign up for the plan which is right for you.

Satisfying Standards Of Excellence

You don’t want just anyone servicing your scales, especially when your business relies on accuracy and durability. All of our technicians are trained and licensed by the State of California to ensure that your scales meet state and federal standards. In addition, all of our tests and calibrations are NIST-traceable, yielding the exactness which will keep you competitive.

Optimize Your Scales’ Functionality

Having a scale isn’t sufficient; in many cases, companies own the scale they need, but it’s either set up incorrectly or it isn’t configured properly for their demands.
During each calibration, our technicians will help you assess your scale so that it meets both the needs of your business and legal regulations. 

Red Tag Removal

Whenever a scale fails a county inspection, it becomes red-tagged. The red tag indicates that it’s unreliable and unusable until a certified technician services it through either repairs
​or calibration.
Our technicians are certified to remove red tags after every calibration. That way, regardless of the condition of your scales, you can be assured that our visits will make them operational
​once more.

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You’re looking for the best scale calibrations servicing northern California. In other words, you’re looking for us. Our unsurpassed services will keep your scales hefting any load with the accuracy and tenacity that your industry requires.
Call us today for a free consultation and additional information about our calibrations.